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Drop-in Programs

Breast Friends Breastfeeding Support

Breast Friends
Please note NOT ALL programs are currently active. If available, notification will be on  on the Programs Page and/or Tickets/Registration.

Breast Friends is a drop-in, peer support service that is available at the same time as each of our New Parent Groups. This informal drop-in service is open to the Eastern Shore community free of charge.

Breastfeeding moms are always welcome!

ESFRA trained staff will be available to support, guide, and provide resources. The group is offered in a comfortable, breastfeeding-friendly environment with gentle music accompaniment where your privacy will be respected.

The Breast Friends service is intended to be an extension of our Great Expectations Prenatal Program as well as our New Parent Group.  As with all groups currently, Tickets/Registration is required. 

Those currently in other ESFRA Programs are always welcome in Breast Friends, providing they are breastfeeding, or are currently pregnant and are planning to breastfeed.  

Click here to obtain a ticket.

Coffee Connection.JPG

Coffee Connection

Coffee Connection is an informal drop-in program offering a parent/caregiver an opportunity to provide their child between 1 to 5 years of age some group play that enhances their independence. 

ESFRA staff will be available to support and guide young ones to engage with new friends within the new space sharing new toys or equipment. Toys, games, crafts and equipment can vary per program occurrence.

Parents/caregivers must remain onsite and are welcome to have a provided "coffee break" while conversing with other adults in our lounge area.

  As with all groups currently, Tickets/Registration is required. 

Currently, ESFRA Programs are always open to the Eastern Shore community free of charge.

Click here to obtain a ticket.

Coffe Connecton
Play Dates Are Us
Roll & Stroll
Kids n Elders

Play Dates Are Us!

Length of the

program is 1.5 hours.

Themed toys, games, activity equipment will be changed weekly.

ESFRA offers a drop-in program for parents/caregivers and children (birth - 5 yrs) to play, chat and connect. Play Dates Are Us! is an opportunity for young participants to explore and let the imagination run free.  Strategically placed craft items, toys, games and equipment will be made available for the children to explore and encourage interaction between the participant and the adult/caregiver they come with. An ESFRA staff member will be here to help if families need assistance or have questions about our programs and services.













Play Dates Are Us! is not a structured program thus it is up to families to help us out and appropriately monitor their children’s activities and clean up before they leave.

This one hour and a half drop-in program allows flexibility to join depending on your schedule and will be running from September to June.

While being considered a drop-in, this program will also require TICKETS for the morning on the program that will be available each morning to gauge attendance and have on hand the supplies needed for the session.

Our programs and services are offered at no charge to the community. Click here to obtain a Ticket per child.


Roll & Stroll, or Trail Walk, has been an active part of ESFRA for many years. Being held most often at the Musquodoboit Trailway on Park Rd., participants of all ages enjoy games, songs and some physical activity out in nature. 

Dates vary in the year, so stay tuned for announcements of upcoming dates. While being considered and Drop-In activity, we are looking for participants to obtain tickets so we may bring an appropriate number of supplies for the adventure.

Our programs and services are offered at no charge to the community.

Click here for tickets/registration.

Kids 'N Elders is an intergenerational fun & social weekly playgroup for parents/caregivers and children ages 0-6 yrs which focuses on play and social skill development with seniors in our community. The senior residents from the Birches Home for Special Care meet and play with our 'little ones' for a morning of songs, stories, creative activities and light refreshments.
















Kids 'N Elders is a DROP-IN program and does not require registration to attend. However, we are limited in the number children we can accommodate on any given day 12 children and their parents/caregivers. This program is in partnership with the Birches Home for Special Care.

Our programs and services are offered at no charge to the community.

Click here for more programs and services.

Kids 'N Elders

Length of the

program is 1.5 hours.

• Arrival & Freeplay
• Snack
• Creative experience
• Clean up
• Circle Time (Includes story, songs & games)

"I thouroughly

enjoyed it! A great idea! I loved watching the seniors smile when they watched the children and seeing the children interacting with the seniors."

"It's a time to break the barriers associated with children's fears of the elderly. The children learned social interaction skills with seniors and the seniors love interacting with the youth; seeing their energy, wisdom etc. It was a positive experience for both."

A support group for grandparents raising grandchildren.

Are you a grandparent with full legal custody and / or guardianship of your grandchildren?

Do you provide "anytime care" for your grandchildren while your children are at work?

Would you be interested in attending a support group for grandparents only to discuss

many of the unique challenges of parenting the "second time around" in today's world?

If so, we would like to hear from you! The Eastern Shore Family Resource Association have

recognized this growing trend within ESFRA programs & services and the communities we

serve. Colleagues and other agency partners have been openly wondering if there is a "gap"

in support services for our grandparent population who are primary caregivers for their

grandchildren. ESFRA in partnership with Nova Scotia Health Authority is offering such a group.


Meetings are usually held once per month basis at the Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital (22637 HWY 7, Sheet Harbour) from 10am-12pm. Please click here for our next meeting dates.

Through our meeting discussions, the group decides what guest speakers they would like to have attend and when. So far we have had a lawyer speak to NS Law & grandparent rights, child custody and access; HRM rec. re youth programs; Lea Place Women’s centre re: women’s support; and the Dept. of Justice Cyberscan unit re: social media & bullying. We continue to book in new guests for every other month.


Tracy Cowan, B.A., E.C.E. - Parenting Journey Family Support Home Visitors at Eastern Shore Family Resource Assoication

Laury McGaughey, B.S.W., S.W.C. - Community School Social Worker

Our programs and services are offered at no charge to the community.

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Grand Parent Shift (GPS)

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