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Below is a list of services offered through the Eastern Shore Family Resource Association. Click on the service's name for more information. Registration is required for all services unless otherwise stated.

An enhanced community home visiting initiative in partnership with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. In-home support for families of young children from birth to 3 years - the purpose of which is to enhance the parent-child relationship.

A community based in-home / on-site and phone family support program for families with children ages 3 -16 years. The purpose of this program is to promote the healthy growth and development of children & youth by building on each family members' strength, knowledge and resources.

Parent Education Workshops

Where groups of parents get information, and learn and practice new skills to help them in their daily life with their children. And what is our ultimate goal as a parent? To help our kids learn, through the ages and stages of development, how to become fully self-sufficient capable adults in the larger world. We may not need formal training to help them do this, but some support along the way can make the journey that much easier.

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