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Mon, Jul 04
Sun 'Scapes Camp (Gettin' Sporty 3-5yrs) Jul 4 - Mon-Fri 8:30am

Mon, Jul 11
Sun 'Scapes Camp (Big 5 Safari 3-5yrs) Jul 11 - Mon-Fri 8:30am

Mon, Jul 18
Sun 'Scapes Camp (Camping Capers 3-5yrs) Jul 18 - Mon-Fri 8:30am

Mon, Jul 25
Sun 'Scapes Camp (Around the World 3-5yrs) Jul 25 - Mon-Fri 8:30am

Tue, Aug 02
Sun 'Scapes Camp (Edible Science 3-5yrs) Aug 2 - Tue-Fri 8:30am

Mon, Aug 08
Sun 'Scapes Camp (Pirates & Privateers 3-5yrs) Aug 8 - Mon, Wed-Fri 8:30am

Mon, Aug 15
Sun 'Scapes Camp (Community Superheroes 3-5yrs) Aug 15 - Mon-Fri 8:30am

Mon, Aug 22
Sun 'Scapes Camp (Ra! Ra! Spirit Week 3-5yrs) Aug 22 - Mon-Fri 8:30am

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Kaitlin Siteman

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